As everyone knows, you can vote a clear conscience if you vote against the Seattle Times endorsements:

Justice Jim Johnson deserves a second six-year term on the Washington Supreme Court. He has been a strong voice for open government and the people's rights as citizens and voters.

Further, Johnson had several decades of appellate legal experience, including cases at the U.S. Supreme Court, before he went on the Washington Supreme Court. His opponent, Tacoma attorney Stan Rumbaugh, has relatively little experience in high-court cases.

That Jim Johnson? The conservative puppet on the state supreme court. The man who wrote that DOMA should be upheld because there is a "compelling governmental interest in preserving the institution of marriage, as well as the healthy families and children it promotes." Tim Eyman's "guru." And the guy—as the Seattle Times reports in a separate piece—"the court's most consistent and avowed conservative" and the guy who argued from the bench for the right for children to carry guns because "11-year-olds fought in the Civil War." That's the candidate that the Seattle Times supports.

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So, obviously, you should vote for Stan Rumbaugh.

(Private to the actual reporters at the Seattle Times (i.e., the reporters who follow the politics you write about): How you stay sane sharing pages with that disjointed, neocon editorial board is beyond fathom. Godspeed and infinite blessings to you.)