Is this not what all fathers fear their daughters will do to them?


Actor Laurence Fishburne has fallen out with his daughter over her involvement in an explicit adult movie.

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Montana Fishburne, 19, hit the headlines last week (ends01Aug10) after footage from the X-rated film emerged online.

The teenager is hoping the sex tape kick starts her Hollywood career, but she admits the footage has done considerable damage to her relationship with her dad.

All of this work, all of this money and fame ends with her being fucked silly in a porn movie—a movie the father, his friends, and the whole world can watch. But without the potential for this betrayal, the ultimate betrayal, how could the relationship between a father and his daughter be close? The thing that makes a close bond possible or real is precisely trust. Hegel once wrote that the bond between a sister and brother was the strongest in a family—meaning, the strongest bond in a society. But this thinking is wrong. Why? The tension in the trust between siblings is much weaker than the one between father and daughter. This bond is repeatedly tested and stressed. And when it breaks, it bleeds like nobody's business.

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