When they hear that an anti-gay Washington State Supreme Court justice will either keep or lose his seat as a result of the Aug. 17 primary, a lot of people end up asking me: Is it too late to register to vote?

No, it's not too late! From the secretary of state's office:

If you are not registered to vote in Washington State but want to vote in the August 17 Primary, you still have time. Monday, August 9 is the deadline for in-person registration at your county elections office.

July 19 was the deadline to register via online or mail for the upcoming Primary.

Go here to visit a county Web site to get more information about the upcoming Primary Election and candidates listed on the ballot.

And go here if you want to know the name of that anti-gay supreme court justice (ahem: Jim Johnson) whose fate will be decided on Aug. 17—and who we think you should vote for instead of him (ahem: Stan Rumbaugh).