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This amazing list is brought to you by the McMinnville [Oregon] Pregnancy Counseling and Information Center.

Some favorites:

3. Play on the monkey bars at the park
5. Slide down a grass hill on a block of ice
11. Throw a 70’s party
13. Wash each other’s car
14. Go people watching at the airport
28. Dress up and go to McDonald’s
35. Chop up things in the blender and make “food-art”
41. Spend an evening with each other’s families
53. Blow up balloons and stuff a friends car
54. Have a canned whipped cream fight outside

Number 27 is the telltale "Go to church together"—the McMinnville Pregnancy Counseling and Information Center claims to offer information on "all your options" including both adoption AND abortion, but! "No abortion referrals" for you (though you may receive "temporary living arrangements in a Christian home"—fun!).

After all, you should've been people-watching at the airport instead of getting knocked up.

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Bonus list: 12 Weird Things to Do With Your Cremated Remains ("You Can Be Turned Into a Box of Pencils," which sounds kind of nice).

Thanks to Leslie Dean.