Remember: Today's ruling from a federal judge in California that it's unconstitutional to deny homosexuals the right to marry comes at the very same moment when two Washington State Supreme Court justices, both of whom have a very different opinion, are running for re-election.

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True, Judge Walker in California was interpreting the U.S. Constitution while Justices Jim Johnson and Richard B. Sanders were interpreting the Washington State Constitution when they upheld our state's ban on gay marriage in 2006. But, all three considered some of the very same questions, including the question—discussed on Slog today and yesterday—of whether it's "rational" the deny homosexuals the right to marry because doing so protects children from being raised in harmful environments.

Justices Johnson and Sanders wrote in 2006:


Judge Walker wrote today in his "findings of fact":








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Remember earlier today when Slog played a quick game of "Spot the giant logical fallacy" in regard to the Johnson-Sanders decision in 2006 here in Washington? Well, today in California Judge Walker corrected all those logical fallacies himself.

On Aug. 17, in Washington's primary election, you have a chance to tell Jim Johnson that logical fallacies like his have electoral consequences.

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