Two girls in their late teens discussing millions.

Dreaming of you, girl.
  • Dreaming of you, girl.
"You win last night?"
"Would I be on this bus?"
"You got power ball blues, girl. What happens when you win?"
"I'll buy a huge-ass painting of me, naked, breast feeding a tiger baby*, and I'll be sitting on a rug made from his mama."
"Okay. All right. You might want to start smaller, though, like with a rat. Just to get your nips good and tough. Work up to that tiger."
"What about you?"
"I'd buy a car for my mom and a puppy for my sister."
"Fuck the puppy. You're rich! Go for a tiger."
"No, my sister likes dogs. She's allergic to cats."

The girls came to their stop shortly afterward. I was sorry to see them go. May all their power ball dreams come true.

*A quick google search shows that breast feeding tiger babies is not an uncommon fantasy.