Last night, Lambda Legal, the country's most bad-ass gay-rights litigation group, held a swank garden fundraiser jammed with political insiders and countless pairs of immaculately groomed eyebrows. The theme: victory. The sub theme: martinis. Lambda Legal—which litigated the case that made gay marriage legal in Iowa—has recently and successfully helped pushed for equal benefits for gay couples working for the state in Arizona, two cases challenging DOMA in Massachusetts (now headed to the Supreme Court), release of the Referendum 71 petition signatures, an end of the HIV travel ban, and the huge Prop 8 decision that came down this week in California. The list went on and on.

Jenny Pizer
  • Jenny Pizer, senior counsel and Marriage Project Director for Lambda Legal, outsmarts the bigots every time

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"The world looks completely different today," said Jenny Pizer, senior counsel and Marriage Project Director for Lambda Legal. "We are right now in a moment of celebration." One of the greatest shifts was in Washington, where voters approved Referendum 71 last November, the first time state voters have ever upheld gay rights at the ballot. "Being able to stop them at the ballot box is a huge shift," she said.

In attendance: Sen. Ed Murray (D-43), Rep Jamie Pedersen (D-43), Sen Joe McDermott (D-34), Storm owner and new OPA auditor Anne Levinson, the lovely Mr. and Mrs. Council Member Sally Bagshaw, and scores of attorneys and donors with—again—perfectly groomed everything. The event raked in over $200,000 for Lamba's continuing work, said political consultant Roger Nyhus, who then went to go eat some of the appetizers from Poppy, and Sitka & Spruce, and then talk to his charming boyfriend Rod Hearne.

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