Glenn Beckwatch: The King of Horror Vs. The King of Horror


I briefly had a free subscription to EW, reasoning that I enjoyed some pop culture such as music, film and books. It took three issues to make me desperately get the free sub canceled. I figure that thing must be written and printed in one of the lower circles of Hell...
Please don't post any more vids of Glen Beck or Bill O'Reilly, it's just so stomach churning.
So then why do you bother reading it?
Now that I think about it, the comment I actually want to make is about how much it pisses me off that the brand manager of a gimmick franchise like this Beck guy can have a book written with his name on it, and then "sell" large enough mass quantities of it to donors (who either presumably shred them, bury them in boxcars in the AZ desert or turn around to give them away as gifts to his various radio outlets to hand out to callers) so that they manufacture a status as "bestseller"...

here's the link to the article. he also calls Bill O'Reilly "satan's mentally challenged older brother". >:]
Steven King is more successful.

And that's what burns up Glenn Beck.
All of Entertainment Weekly is mostly unreadable.
And more telling, King's work doesn't end up in the remainders' bin six months after publication...
I've never read King's column (though, I've enjoyed a couple of his books), but I'm down with anyone who wants to insult Beck and O'Reilly.
Beck and O'reilly's reaction is pretty funny. They're just having fun with it.

@8 oh really? Have you ever been to half-price books? They practically give that shit away.

Sure, his older work. But you're not going to walk in there today and find "The Dome" at 50% off cover list...
I love "have you heard of this guy, this . . . Stephen King?"

Like he's not one of the best selling authors of all time? Like he hasn't been publishing bestsellers for more than forty freaking years.

Beck and O'Reilly are great. Riding a wave of popularity and acting -- as is necessary for their moron audience, I suppose -- like they always have been and always will be king of the hill. I'd be sad if I didn't hate them both so much. Scumbags.