TV, Now 1000x Awesomer: BREAKING, Kate Gosselin visited Sarah Palin with her brood for the crossover special "Mama Grizzlies, 2Getha 4Eva" "Sarah Palin's Alaska," to air on TLC this Fall. Also, Rosie's getting a new show on Oprah's new network!

Almost As Good As Us: Meanwhile, Cai Wu, China's culture minister, blasts their "vulgar" popular media.

Wait We Have Our Own Judge Judy? State Supreme Court suspends "King County's Judge Judy" for five days for belittling, cutting off, and denying evidence from defendants. Judge Judith Eiler, who sits on the King County District Court, received a reprimand for similar behavior in 2005.

Already?! BP operations chief hints at possibility of drilling in the Gulf of Mexico again.

Pussies: Blackberry reportedly in talks with Saudi Arabia to de-encrypt messaging service with a special server in the country to prevent Saudi Arabia from banning the service entirely.

Super-Sudo Make Me A Sandwich: Man who allegedly pulled gun on friends in Fremont apartment, made self a sandwich, and fled charged.

Oh Shit: Greenland's actually melting.

Also Bad: The nation of Russia is on fire. All of it.

Goodbye, Accountability: Freelance videographer who shot infamous "Mexican piss" police brutality footage accused of stealing cameras from Q-13.

Hello, Privacy: A panel of federal judges from the D.C. circuit unanimously ruled warrantless GPS monitoring illegal, splitting with circuit courts in California and New York, and opening the way for the U.S. Supreme Court to decide once and for all.

Why Can't We Do This? Egypt the latest Arab nation to use Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube for good, launching grassroots protests over a 28-year-old businessman allegedly beat to death by police officers. Largely as a result of the visibility of the new media protests, the officers stood trial late last month.

In Real News: It's CATURDAY!!1!

My Favorite Conspiracy: As Denver launches the nation's largest bike-sharing systen, a state Tea Party candidate for governor warns it's a front for "converting Denver into a United Nations Communtiy" that "could threaten our personal freedoms."