Just Another Cranky Old Man: Fidel Castro still alive, warns about impending nuclear war.

Hell in a Handbasket: Central Europe is underwater.

But This Is Good Pork: Patty Murray brags about bringing home the bacon. She's sponsored 190 earmarks for $220 million in 2010, making her the 9th earmarkiest Senate earmarker in all the land.

Ironic Counterpoint: Meanwhile, Didier attacks Rossi as a tax-and-spend liberal, criticizes his 2003 Washington state budget in a new ad.

Cutting Off Your Nose... House may vote on Senate bill that would provide $600 million to tighten border security, paid for by increasing the fees on skilled worker and intracompany transfer visas from $320 to $2000 for firms with more than 50% of employees on such visas.

Infinity and Beyond: Our Lady of Guadalupe parish in West Seattle seeks $4 million for their "Next 50 Years" campaign.

Today in Blatant Racism: Nationwide grassroots campaigns flare up against mosque projects, apparently led by crazed misinformed grannies worried that their "children and grandchildren will have to live under" Shari'ah law.

Kind of Evil: Former manager whose ageism complaint against Google was dismissed is cleared for trial in California. The man reports being called an "old fuddy-duddy."

Really Evil: Google and Verizon allegedly nearing secret deal that might undermine net neutrality.

Almost, Sort of: Gregoire might turn down solicitor-general job if Obama comes calling, or maybe not. Why not both?

I Want to Go to There: Cabaret summer school: it's real.