At last night's Belltown public safety meeting, residents told Mayor Mike McGinn and Police Chief John Diaz that they've been keeping photo journals of drug deals and club violence cyclists running red lights ("This is the elephant issue in the room. The last two weeks, my husband and I were nearly run down by bicycles running red lights... People are going to be killed," testified one resident) and hot dog vendors ("Hot dog stands continue to set up illegally... I have vomit, relish, mustard, people sleeping in my doorway, I have had it with this situation!" testified another). Clearly, shit is fucked in Belltown, and residents have good reason to be skeptical of the mayor's Nightlife Initiative, which might attract more elephants, more street mustard, more unacceptable bar behavior.

Behavior like this:

Do you like to party?
  • Do you like to party?

Because I like to party.
  • Because I like to party.

Party all night long.
  • Party all night long.

Who can predict what horrors await Belltown if the mayor gets his way?

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