Stephen Gyllenhaal
  • Stephen Gyllenhaal
We just added award-winning director Stephen Gyllenhaal to our filmmaking panel in Questionland! He's been in town filming Grassroots (read more about that here), and he agreed to be a part of Filmmaking Week. Lucky us!

Sean Porter
  • Sean Porter
We also have Jennifer Roth (executive producer of The Wrestler and Black Swan), our own Charles Mudede (writer of Zoo and Police Beat), Adam Sekuler (filmmaker and program director of NWFF), Jane Charles (producer of $5 Cover Seattle), Sean Porter (cinematographer for Bass Ackwards and Grassroots), Grant Cogswell (who's not only made movies, but has had a movie made about him!), and Eugene Mazzola (actor, producer, and assistant director).

Jane Charles
  • Jane Charles
Holy shit, that's a lot of film-industry star power.

So, have questions about making movies? Now's your chance to get some advice from the professionals and learn everything you've ever wanted to know about movie making. They're only here through the end of the week, so ask the film experts now!