...by the men we coerce into giving us blowjobs.

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A Bryan preacher faces felony burglary charges based on allegations that he posed as a 16-year-old boy looking for sex online, arranged to meet adult men and then coerced them into letting him perform oral sex on them. George Randall Scott, 51, works at Bethel Temple, an Assembly of God church on Villa Maria Road. He was arrested in Houston on Saturday as he returned from vacationing with his wife in Sweden. He told investigators that he had sexual encounters with 10 men he met over the Internet, authorities said.

Court documents indicate that an unidentified man told police in November that he exchanged e-mails with Scott and arranged for him to come to his apartment. Scott threatened to report the informant, identified as John Doe, for trying to have sex with a 16-year-old. College Station Detective Patrick McCarthy wrote in his affidavit that Scott told the informant that he could either go inside and perform oral sex on the informant or he would call the police. "Doe said that he chose to go inside," he wrote.

Here's the Assemblies of God on homosexuality...

The Assemblies of God believes strongly that God has declared great displeasure and opposition toward homosexual conduct.

At every turn the Assemblies of God refutes the practice, the acceptance, and the promotion of homosexuality, yet admonishes all Christians to reach out in love to all homosexuals so they too may repent and know the forgiveness and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Some people ask, "Why can’t Christians live and let live, leaving homosexuals alone?" At one time Christians were silent concerning the evil practice of homosexuals. History shows homosexuality has been around since early times, and as long as it was not openly flaunted, homosexuals were seldom challenged. But today, homosexuals have become aggressive in pushing their agenda. The church has been forced to answer.

The Assemblies of God supports the kind of homosexuality practiced by Rev. Scott. He wasn't pushing a pro-homosexual agenda, he wasn't flaunting it, he employed blackmail to ensure discretion. And that Rev. Scott publicly embraced an anti-homosexual agenda while quietly providing oral service to gay men doesn't make him a hypocrite. It makes him a hero. Just think: if Rev. Scott hadn't offered himself up, Christ-like, to sate the evil homosexual desires of these men, they would have continued to trawl the internet until they succeeded in seducing actual teenage boys into the homosexual lifestyle. Jesus approves.

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