Everybody on the internet (except for Slog) was falling for the dumb whiteboard lady hoax yesterday. (And, seriously, the idea of a website that does nothing but hoax people is pretty fucking stupid, isn't it? How often do you keep linking back to that site before you realize that they're the hoax guys?) But I think this video of a valedictorian speaking out against the educational system at her graduation is even more impressive. Sure, she's not as HOTT and sound-bitey as whiteboard lady, and she's got that painful earnestness that comes from being a smart high school student, but I would've been stoked to hear this speech at my graduation:

I don't even remember the valedictorian speech at my high school graduation, but I do remember the Portland (Maine) police chief gave the commencement speech. He told us all about how he was a cop breaking up the riots in Chicago, and he told us that our education was our nightclub and anti-riot shield as we went into the world, which I guess means that the world is like a riot of hippies who are outraged about the Vietnam War. And we have to beat their dirty hippie heads in with our book-learnin'. Or something.