Standing guard in the end zone.
  • Standing guard in the end zone.
In the ever-awesome publication Fillip, Kristina Lee Podesva explores a connection between Superdome photographs of "amalgamations of bodies rather than people" and images of political prisoners held at the National Stadium in Chile after the coup d'etat that installed Pinochet.

What she sees is an erosion of publicness, or a people stranded in wait for publicness and instead experiencing hell.

Based on the images of the Superdome and the Estadio discussed thus far, we can trace some of the extreme effects of neoliberalization, which oscillate somewhere between forced imprisonment and wretched abandonment. In them we can also recognize individuals waiting, as passive players rather than interactive extras, ... for a publicness that will never come. They are the S.O.S. signals of a society whose publicness is under siege.

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