It's (unofficially) comic-book day at Slog Happy tonight! I'll be bringing copies of two books that I really liked (review here), Revolver and A God Somewhere. Further, I'll be bringing some neat-o books I haven't had the chance to review yet—Eddie Campbell and Darren Wright's awesome novella The Playwright and much more.

Non-photo books include Vendela Vida's excellent The Lovers (which I reviewed back here), God's Lunatics, and much more.

As a bonus: If you thought I was too hard on Neal Pollack's yoga memoir Stretch in this week's book section, I'm bringing a copy along to Slog Happy. It's yours to read and keep; if you disagree with my review, you should send in a review of your own, and I'll run it here on Slog!

These books and more will be sitting in the sun at Slog Happy in about a half an hour. See you then.

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