The above quote comes from no less an authority than Adrian Ryan, and it's true. Last night, a packed, hot and steamy Neumos crowd was losing their collective shit for Hercules & Love Affair, waving their hands in the air, clapping and singing along, dancing like maniacs, Neumos co-owner Jason Lajuenesse up on the private balcony looking like Des McGrath in Last Days of Disco, all for what was basically two dudes pumping classic house music and disco while a pair of towering Paris is Burning queens, Shaun Wright and Aerea Negrot, vogued, threw shade, and, along with Kim Ann Foxman, belted out lines like, "Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, Mars/Where do I come from," "I'm looking for a place to stay," "Baby, this might be who you really are," and "I am FREEEEEEEE." Word.

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