You were probably in a hurry. What probably happened was you passed by this Stranger newspaper box earlier this afternoon, saw it was a new issue, and then you probably got really excited about it. Understandable! This week's cover is great. You probably wanted to grab a copy of the paper, but your hands were full. In your left hand, the hamburger, in your right, a milkshake (probably chocolate)—what were you going to do!? So as quickly as you could, you set the hamburger down, pried open the box, and grabbed the new issue of The Stranger. Victory! Probably. But then, in your rush of success, you completely forgot to pick up your hamburger. Oh no!

Well, it's still there. Waiting for you. On the top of the Stranger newspaper box you probably accidentally left it.

I'd hurry, though. The flies are starting to welcome themselves to what's left of the meat patty.

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