Kalup Linzy is a burly black artist of drag who lives in New York City. “Artist of drag” means that he performs live and makes videos (most famously, “All My Churen” and “As da Art World Might Turn,” spoofs of TV soaps) while wearing wigs and unitards, package fully showing.

But it also means his art is based on falseness, on heightening the falsehoods we tell ourselves about who we are as men, women, white and black folks, artists and TV-watchers. Called part-RuPaul and part-Richard Pryor, he’s in Seattle for one night only, in connection with Seattle Art Museum’s Warhol show, and I hope he performs in addition to giving a talk. You have to hear his songs. Note to SAM: Get a hibiscus blossom and a smoke machine.

This is a special occasion. Mark your calendars.

Tickets are available now.