Seems the AP was correct in discerning a swing to the right by Republican Dino Rossi as the Aug. 17 primary voting deadline approaches. How else to explain the lefty bait that just appeared in my in-box from Rossi headquarters? The subject line:

It's 5:00 Somewhere, But It's 4:20 At Washington State University

What? The Rossi camp explains:

Friday marks the 18 month anniversary of the 2009 Stimulus bill’s passage by Congress. Senator Murray sold the bill as one that would create jobs and help the economy. Instead, unemployment, debt, and the deficit have all shot up, while the Stimulus bill has been exposed as little more than a collection of wasteful earmarks and bailouts. For example, $148,438 was allocated to marijuana research at Washington State University because of “its potential to stimulate the economy.”

Rossi goes on to call this reasearch "one of those boondoggle projects that forces you to set aside the serious economic consequences of this so-called stimulus for a moment and just laugh at how out of touch Washington, D.C. really is... Washington state taxpayers are tired of their money going up in smoke. This bill isn’t going to stimulate anything other than sales of Cheetos."


Except what, exactly, is the WSU research looking into?

A WSU Vancouver research project analyzing the use of marijuana in conjunction with medications like morophine to control pain has received $148,438 from the National Institutes of Health...

The research examines whether administration of cannabinoids, a.k.a marijuana, in conjunction with antipain medications such as morphine, provides better pain relief than either drug alone. This research could be especially relevant for patients suffering with severe or chronic pain.

Yeah. It's obviously crazy that people might think there could be some economic—as well as social—benefit to finding better ways to control the pain of Americans with serious health conditions.