Attention, women of America: Mark October 3, 2010 on your calendars. That will be a national day of celebration for feminists (and, really, for all human beings) everywhere, with dancing in the streets, parades, and fireworks. That is the day that the final Cathy comic strip will be published:

"She's decided to end the comic on Oct. 3," Universal Press Syndicate executive John Glynn tells Comic Riffs. "She is deeply appreciative of all the relationships and all the fans, but after 34 years, she feels it is time to hang it up."

Words cannot express how happy this makes me. The only way this could make me happier is if Cathy does the honorable thing and goes out as a suicide bomber*, taking The Family Circus, Marmaduke, and Garfield with her. Thank you, Slog tipper Banna. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

* Although this plan does have its problems: I'm unsure if Cathy's hands, which have been so lazily illustrated for the past twenty years that they now resemble mangled starfish, would be able to properly operate a plunging mechanism to activate the bomb. If she loves America, she will find a way to do the deed.

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