Unemployment Keeps Going Up: "The employment picture is looking bleaker as applications for jobless benefits rose last week to the highest level in almost six months."

She Bilked More than 40 Clients Out of $12 Million: "Kirkland investment advisor Rhonda Breard, who pleaded guilty to defrauding dozens of clients out of millions of dollars, was sentenced to six and a half years in federal prison Wednesday, far less than she could have faced."

Could It Be Him? The guy who was pulled over earlier this week with a dead woman in a sleeping bag next to him is now being investigated in the disappearance of a Lacey woman two years ago.

This Is How They Party in South Seattle: "The 39-year-old bashed his ex-roommate on the head with a beer bottle, police said. The older man then retrieved a knife and and slashed the other man on the head and arm."

What the Booze Initiatives Would Do to Liquor Revenues: State releases its projections. What if both liquor initiatives pass? "A fucking mess ensues," Cienna Madrid writes. "The short answer is that there is no rule in the state to dictate what happens when two initiatives pass at the exact same time," says Dave Ammonds.

The Phone Book Lobby: "Heavy hitters from some of the biggest names in the $12 billion yellow pages publishing industry, a.k.a. sharks in suits, circled the council chambers..."

City Considers Picking Up Trash Less Frequently: I'm not sure how that would get me to recycle more but that's the idea.

Michigan Serial Killer: "Person of interest" apprehended in an airport.

Floods in Pakistan: More coming.

Car Bomb in Colombia: Explodes outside the capital.

GM: Earned $1.3 billion last quarter.

Mortgage Rates: Lowest in decades.

Have You Made Your HUMP! Entry Yet? You Have 63 days left. The grand prize is $2,500.

Meteor Showers! Tonight!