In my voice mail this morning:

Yeah hi, hello, this Mark.

And, uh, I just wanna get down to the bottom of Patty Murray's commercials on TV versus Dino Rossi. I'm a musician, instrumentalist, producer, all around DJ whatever. Uh, I love all genres of music and I heard this commercial and I'm trying to figure out what the beat is and who produced the beat.

I don't know if you've seen that commercial but I think it's one of the most catchy beats I've heard for a commercial for a politician, especially Patty Murray. It's like a slow, 80 BPMs beat, like a real slow hip hop, like trip hop kinda beat and I really wanna know who did that.

So, if you guys could give me some insight on that and, uh, I definitely wanna get that and use it to my expertise of scratching. I love the turntablism shit so, sorry to say that, but, uh, yeah, give me a call.

Eager to get down to the bottom of things, I called Mark back this afternoon. Turns out he's Mark Abinanti, 31, of Bellevue (and of Twitter), and he's more than happy to share his query with the world.

But which Patty Murray commercial is he talking about?

Mark tried to narrow it down for me over the phone:

It's the one... Dino Rossi's in it... Kinda going against him... got some statistics in it... and the beat in the background's really slow.

I cued up this one and played it for him through the receiver:

That's it, he said.

I've asked Patty Murray's campaign whether it can help Mark—who sounds exactly like one of those local businessmen Murray's always saying she'll do anything for—and I'll post again when they get back to me with the origin of her beats. Meantime, anyone out there in Slogland able to do anything for this guy?