Seattle: Seeking love with mullets ten years ago.
  • Seattle: Seeking love with mullets ten years ago.
Because really, Brooklyn only became #Brooklyn! when, sometime in the early part of this decade, #Brooklyn! started becoming Seattle.

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We were lousy with insane bike wars and lesbians pushing fancy strollers along tree-lined streets and moustaches and ridiculous coffee houses (yes, some of ours are also full of "lefties who love free wi-fi, poetry readings and open-mic nights") about a decade before all of that business—plus cheaper apartments, done it—became a reason for crossing the East River.

Having your liberal oasis "discovered" by MTV and turned into a set for the Real World? So ten years ago.

Hipster grifter? Naked? Naked hipsters possibly grifting on bikes?

Not-quite-professional terrorists disrupting people's days? 1999.

Weed as culinary secret? We said something about that in 2006 and wondered why we hadn't sooner.

Battling a stadium invasion?

And, I mean, come on: