Attack in Everett: "When officers arrived on the scene they found two men who had been either shot or stabbed. One of the injured men had apparently jumped from a balcony."

Attack on Beacon Hill: "A man allegedly attacked his neighbor with a bucket of urine, feces and vomit in the parking area near their apartment building in Beacon Hill..."

Eviction in Magnolia: Chase bank changes the locks on the home being occupied by the Magnolia squatter.

First-Degree Murder: Man found earlier this week with a dead woman in his truck gets charged.

The Liquor Control Board Just Won't Stop: Now they're going after art galleries for serving wine.

The Latest at Seattle Center: A review panel "recently asked follow up questions pertaining to the nine proposals vying to inhabit the Fun Forest Amusement site at the Seattle Center... Open Platform and KEXP, two proposals The Stranger strongly endorses, have used the Q&A as an opportunity to define and strengthen their joint use of the space."

Guantanamo Trial Delayed: After defense lawyer collapses. He was "questioning a prosecution witness when he stopped, asked for water, then fell to one knee and then rolled to the floor."

Meanwhile in California: Gays might be able to get married starting next week.

Maxine Waters Says: ""I have not violated any House rules."

The Bones of John the Baptist? "In a region already rich with archaeological artifacts, the excavation of a small alabaster box containing a few pieces of bone amid the ruins of a medieval monastery might easily have passed unnoticed."