Let the Wild Rumpus Begin!: Food and Drug Administration approves emergency contraceptive pill effective up to five days after sex.

Obama Sides With Islamic Jihadists: According to one blogger quoted. Or maybe he was just supporting freedom of religion.

Taxpayers Robbed: Auditor asserts state was overcharged by about $300,000 in contract with Office Depot. Surprise, Surprise, it was probably all just the state’s fault.

Rain on Their Parade: Pakistan cancels Independence Day events. Understandable when 20 million people are wading around the country.

Let the Wild Anti-Tunnel Rumpus Begin!: Anti-tunnel initiative begins gathering signatures.

Forget New York Anita, Move to Washington: More immigrants are obtaining driver's licenses in Washington.

Let’s Hope You Didn’t Need All Nine: Three of nine VP positions at WSU will be eliminated to prepare for budget cuts.

They Come in Peace: Mars Hill Church buys a “beachhead” blocks away from UW.

Other Jihadist Plots?: When he’s not fighting to sneak Sharia law into the Constitution, President Obama enjoys sticking up for Social Security, and signing million dollar border protection bills.

Can’t Plug It: WikiLeaks founder announces his organization will release the rest of its Afghan war documents. But this time with at least some effort to redact the names of innocent parties.

No Omar Little: Man dies after leaping from a second story balcony in an attempt to evade an attacker. In fairness, that does always seem to work on TV.