Bloomberg’s Got More Balls: President Obama equivocates clarifies his remarks on the proposed mosque near ground zero.

“Like Captain Sully in Our Little Town”: Hero pilot dodges homes in sputtering plane, lands safely in a field in Chelan.

Russia is (Really) Burning: Satellite photos taken of Russia (we must have thousands of those things) reveal the extent of that country’s wildfires

Can These Things Cross Oceans?: Wildfires spread in Olympic National Park.

A Miracle of German Engineering: While most nations' economies suffered from stagnation and little growth, the German economy grew by a record 2.2% in the last quarter. They really know how to piss off the rest of the world.

Argh! Bike Lanes!: Residents of Lake City angered by plans to transform Northeast 125th street from a four-laner to a two-laner with bike paths

Yes It Was Hot Yesterday: Record hot.

War on Terror Spreads: Covertly across continents.

The Landing 2.0: Boeing sells 19 acres just south of The Landing to a developer for $10 million.

Please, Please Just Like US: The United States pours an unmatched amount of aid into flooded Pakistan, admits it’s an attempt to buy Pakistani love.

Off Track: 8 dead in California after off-road racecar crashes into crowd.