Yes, this...

DJ_IRA_GLASS_web.jpg really happening. Really. This Saturday night. Ira Glass will be "DJing"—is that the correct verb form for "inflicting your own personal music preferences on a room full of strangers at a dangerously loud volume"?—at Re-bar and I will be "DJing" as well. For real. Really. But unlike most DJs, Ira and I will be spunning (?) actual music. All of this DJing happens after Ira's talk—"Radio Stories and Other Stories"—Saturday night at Benaroya Hall. There still a few tickets available for Ira's talk at Benaroya—including some $30 seats—and you can get 'em here. Ira's hilarious live-and-in-person and you should go see him live-and-in-person. Advance tickets for Ira's DJing debut at Re-bar—really!—are available now and can be purchased here. Really!

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