Dino Rossi: Wrong about everything, says a WSU professor.
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  • Dino Rossi: "Wrong about everything," says a WSU professor.

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You know the primary election is coming right up because everyone's headed to where the votes (and the moneys) are.

President Obama will be here tomorrow to raise money for Democratic Senator Patty Murray, and Murray herself will be celebrating Social Security's 75th birthday later today with cake and speechifying at a Seattle senior center. Meanwhile, this morning Republican senate hopeful Dino Rossi was at GM Nameplate down in Interbay, talking about the economy and trying to defend his poorly-planned attack on a WSU professor who received federal stimulus funds for marijuana research.

Turned out the research, which Rossi mocked as not helping anything but "sales of Cheetos," is actually a serious project to explore the use of marijuana in helping people who suffer from chronic pain.

Today, Rossi tried to narrow his criticism during his GM Nameplate appearance. "The point of that was that it wasn't going to create jobs," Rossi said of his attack on spending $148,438 in stimulus funds for the WSU research. "That was really the point."

But WSU Professor Mike Morgan, the man doing the research that Rossi has singled out, told The Stranger's Galen Weber on Friday that Rossi doesn't know what he's talking about.

"Rossi is wrong about everything," the professor said. "We are studying rats, not humans, and we provided a salary to three people to do these studies... Rossi should praise us for bringing funding and jobs to the state, but you'd have to get the facts first and I realize that is not Rossi's goal."

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