Hello Slogosphere! I am back from a week of vacation on the Virginia coast, where I spent my days splashing around in the Atlantic and my nights removing sand from my crannies and watching DVD-and-iTunes-supplied episodes of True Blood. My late-blooming interest in HBO's sexy vampire series was previously mentioned here. Now that I've seen a whole lot more of the show (just started Season 3!), I'd like to point out the following.

*All women who date vampires are annoying. Granted, True Blood's Sookie is nowhere near as drippy as Twilight's Bella—at least Sookie puts out—but that doesn't mean she doesn't annoy the fuck out of me. What do vampires see in these whiny drip girls?

*True Blood is ridiculous. Seriously, it's like Melrose Place with more blood and fucking, a fact that made itself known with the first of the show's 10,000 plot twists involving a STOOPID romantic misunderstanding and/or a character's ability to instantly process trauma. Still, fun!

*The primary pleasure of watching the show is determining your True Blood dream date. For many folks, this is vampire Eric (too pretty) or vampire Bill (weird wig) or Jason Stackhouse (too young and meth-y looking), but for me it is no one but Hoyt Fortenberry. (Don't argue with me.) However, if Sam Merlotte were to get a crew cut, he might take the lead. As for the ladies, the woman who plays Tara is a solid pillar of gorgeousness, but a terrible actress. (How many accents can one character have?)

*Seattle's Digital Kitchen makes glorious credit sequences.

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