This afternoon, the Seattle Police Department briefed reporters on the fatal Monday-night shooting of a suspect by Seattle Police at a Wedgwood QFC. Seattle Police were searching for the man, identified as Ariel Rosenfeld, after he allegedly choked his own mother—whom he lived with—on Sunday. Three officers were dispatched to the neighborhood QFC at around 8:30 p.m. after employees alerted police that Rosenfeld, who worked at the store, was in the building.

Both Deputy Chief Clark Kimerer and Assistant Chief Mike Sanford assured reporters that the fight never entered public areas of the QFC and defended the officer's use of force.

A Picture of Rosenfelds Beretta
  • Seattle Police Department
  • A Picture of Rosenfeld's Beretta

When police arrived, an epic fight ensued. Deputy Chief Clark Kimerer stated that the struggle pitted three “big officers" against the 43-year-old alleged mother-abuser, who had a history of trying to elude police. The suspect fought officers through several rooms as well as a hallway and a stairwell. It was a close quarters struggle, and Rosenfeld, perhaps hoping to tip the odds in his favor, drew a .22-caliber semiautomatic Berretta, according to Assistant Chief Mike Sanford. Officer Chris Anderson, an 11-year veteran with the force, spotted the gun and ordered Rosenfeld to drop his weapon. When Rosenfeld refused to comply, Anderson drew his own and shot Rosenfeld once, in the torso, ending the standoff.

“These were three police officers trying to control one person and they could not,” Sanford said.

Rosenfeld died last evening at Harborview Medical Center. Deputy Chief Kimerer said the Firearms Review Board will be convened, which is standard procedure in the event of a police shooting.