Who knew polls were so accurate? Like they say you're going to get a lousy 10 percent in the primary and then, lo and behold, you get 10 percent in the primary.

But it's not for lack of support for the only true Republican in the race! One organizer of the Clint Didier for Senate party says into the microphone, "Did you hear that voters in Snohomish never got their ballots?"

When new results pop up on the teevee, everyone looks, but no one says anything. It's sort of like a computer freezing, and then everyone goes back to staring slack-jawed into the middle distance.

Eventually Didier addresses the crowd on the speakerphone from Kennewick, saying, "Thank you for showing up for this exciting night of finding out where we stand. Thank you for all your hard work. It's not going to be all over tonight and it's not going to be over this election."

He closes by pointing out that Patty Murray is against freedom.

Then the party organizer asked if anyone had any questions.

The first question is, essentially, will you commit to staying in the race no matter what? Didier didn't understand the question, so the party organizer asked him on the speaker phone would you commit to running as an independent in this election. So then Didier had to explain to the party organizer what a top-two primary means. In other words, it doesn't matter what your party affiliation is if you don't make one of the top-two spots. And he was in third.