A man has been convicted of murdering his ex-wife after she taunted him on Facebook about paying child support.

Adam Mann used a hammer to batter Lisa Beverley, 30, before slashing her neck with a knife, the Old Bailey was told.

Jurors heard she had been online at her home in Plumstead, south London, on 15 September but the session came to an abrupt end at 2200 BST.

Is it possible that Adam Mann was born in an age that made his murder possible? Imagine that we are all in some way murderers, but we are lucky enough not to live in an age or social situation that can activate a murderous rage in us. The murderer in us is mostly dormant. The murderer in most ages sleeps through its age. Our peace with it is rarely disturbed; and if we happen to get angry, we do not see/scream red—we simply heat up and cool down. Thinking in this somewhat interesting way will lead us to imagine something along these lines: Mann lived in an age that had the evil keys to the dormant murderer in him. Facebook, Twitter, Myspace—these social networking websites had in them that powerful key which fit perfectly into the keyhole of his madness. One turn—and the door to hell opened. Had he lived in another time (the 50s, the end of the 19th century, the heart of the Dark Ages), his whole life might have gone by without the disturbance of even one murderous thought.