The awkward party for Joe Fiztgibbon, who wants to represent the 34th District in the legislature, has lots of family and streamers and balloons. But nobody is drinking alcohol, only soda, at tables where folks are sitting around family style. The only thing missing from the Heartland Cafe in West Seattle: Joe Fitzgibbon.

Joe Joe is apparently so nervous, according to friends and family, that he is hiding out in a an undisclosed location with one one friend pounding shots of Jägermeister waiting for the results.

Campaign manager Laura Hicks isn't sweating it, though. Just as young and all American and cute as her candidate, Hicks says their toughest competition is Mike Heavey, but "only because of his family name." (Heavey's dad used to be in the legislature.)

Maybe Fitzgibbon will come out (of the closet) soon.