Well, first, VOTE!

But then, once you're done with that bit of civic business, come back here and watch as the Stranger Election Control Board hits all the parties, samples all of the candidates' food and drink (and more drink), and parses the results.

The first—and only—count of ballots tonight will come at 8:15 p.m.. (And then, on each day following, there will be an updated count at 4:30 p.m. for as long as there are still mail-in votes to be tabulated.)

But if you want to know what Joe Fitzgibbon wore (Eeeeeee!), how Dino Rossi spun a mid-30s finish into victory, and how gay-friendly Stan Rumbaugh felt about his finish against bigoted State Supreme Court Justice Jim Johnson, then you need to be with us tonight. Because we'll be with all of them. (Expect when we're inspecting their buffet tables and party bars.)