The SECB just stopped in at Mike Heavey's swank (carpetbagged?) apartment on Alki in West Seattle, where Heavey had said he would be waiting with friends for the results on his bid to represent the 34th District.

Here's the view from his Heavey's pad:


But when we dialed up to his apartment, Heavey told us on his cell phone that he wasn't at home—he was at an undisclosed mansion in West Seattle.

When we asked where it was and could we please come drink with him—there was a long pause—and then he cut out. Maybe he hung up? When we called back to say we'd brought a trough of Heineken just for him, Heavey was insistent, saying, "No, it's a private party for friends and family and it will upset the balance." Then the balance must have gone askew on its own because the phone went dead again.

That's confidence in a successful election night, eh?