Whatll it be, Mr. President?
  • Matt Hickey
  • What'll it be, Mr. President?
By the time I went out for some iced coffee yesterday afternoon, that's what this rumor had turned into: the barista telling me she'd heard it from someone who'd heard it from someone else that the president would be dining at Unicorn today because he likes to eat where regular people eat.

Now, much as I enjoy the idea of Obama munching on unicorn balls, the rumor that he's coming to Capitol Hill today is not true. It traces to this blog, which learned that Obama will "be making an appearance somewhere within the Seattle Police Department's East Precinct on Tuesday, according to a person familiar with planning around the president's visit to Seattle." Yes, Capitol Hill is within the East Precinct. But, as the post's update now notes, so is Madrona.

Obama will indeed be lunching in the East Precinct but it will be at the Madrona home of RealNetworks founder Rob Glaser near Viretta Park.

Where, I'm just going to hazard a guess, unicorn balls will not be on the $10,000-per-person menu.