Slog tipper Ari writes:

The president is at Grand Central this morning. Really screwing up my quest for coffee and baked goods.

The president, according to a schedule sent to me by the White House, is not actually at Grand Central quite yet. (He's not even in Seattle yet; still in the process of flying up here from an L.A. fundraiser.) But, a little later this morning he is set to sit down for a "round table discussion with small business owners" that includes Gillian Allen-White, co-owner of Grand Central Bakery; Tiffany Turner, co-owner of the Inn at Discovery Coast; and Joe Fugere, founder of Tutta Bella Neapolitan Pizzeria. That's presumably what all the police tape in Pioneer Square is about.

After 40 minutes of talking to those small business owners about the economy, Obama will make a statement to the (pooled) press and then be off to the Westin for one of two Patty Murray fundraisers he's doing today. So, Ari, your baked goods blockade should be over by early afternoon.