The president will be in town starting around noon today (more on this rumor later) to raise money for Democratic Senator Patty Murray and talk about the economy. To mark the occasion, Republican Senate candidate Dino Rossi is greeting Obama's arrival with a shot at Murray that's worth reading—mainly as preview of what you're likely to hear from Rossi throughout the fall campaign.

Like most elected officials who spend time with the President when he comes to town for political fundraisers, Patty Murray will no doubt spend time afterward touting the important conversations she had with the President about issues facing Washington state, like the cleanup of Hanford or creating jobs. Unfortunately, for the people of Washington, it’s too late for talk. The damage has already been done by Patty Murray’s votes in the Senate.

Senator Murray has voted repeatedly for legislation that has destroyed jobs and exploded the debt. She voted for the massive bailouts, the failed stimulus, billions in earmarks, and the job killing health care bill.

She has failed to advocate for Washington State in regards to the disposal of high level nuclear waste located at Hanford. The President has made it clear he will not allow construction of the national nuclear waste facility at Yucca Mountain to continue as planned, which means the waste at Hanford that has been disposed of according to Yucca's standards has no place to go. In addition, Sen. Murray allowed three Obama nominees to sail through the Senate, even though they pledged to stall the Yucca Mountain repository and keep nuclear waste in Washington.

Finally, she has voted against extending the 2001 and 2003 tax relief which is set to expire at the end of the year. Over 2.5 million Washingtonians benefit from this critical tax relief, in the form of the child tax credit, reduction in the marriage penalty, across-the-board reductions in tax rates, including a 10% bracket for lower income families, and lower capital gains and divided taxes that spur job growth.

At this time in the political season, talk is plentiful, but it is actions we need to evaluate. Senator Murray’s actions in the Senate have spoken much louder than anything she can possibly tell the President while he’s here.