The PYTs at Suzan DelBenes Partay
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  • The PYT's at Suzan DelBene's Partay

If you voted for Susan DelBene, democratic congressional candidate for District 8, 1171 Kirkland Ave. in Renton is where the party's at. A former U.S. post office which has been vacant for a while, this non-descript building, which has served as DelBene's campaign headquarters since January, is brimming with activity today. "Be careful of the homeless people behind the building," the woman at the gas station across the street told the SECB. "This is not a good part of town. Make sure you lock your car."

Hmmm OK.

"Not exactly a very glamorous location, is it?" said DelBene's husband Kurt, an executive at Microsoft, while he showed the SECB around. "But it's right in the middle of the district, so that's good." DelBene herself is a former MS exec. The party's hopping so far, with a lot of friendly young college interns chatting with everyone. The food's pretty basic - chocolate chip cookies, wraps, salads and there's wine, a lot of it. DelBene seems really excited — "I am just waiting for the results," she said smiling, looking pretty in a dark blue suit. "It was a great opportunity to meet all kinds of people, people whom I would have probably never met."

Stay tuned for more....

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