Last night at Ed Murray's shindig, the hot speculation was on which two candidates would survive the primary in the race to represent the 34th District: Marcee Stone, the neighborhoody type who cut her teeth fighting cell-phone towers; Mike Heavey, the spawn of a former state representative with the same recognizable surname; or the dashing Joe Fitzgibbon, who has experience working in Olympia even though he's barely a zygote. It's been a mud-slinging battle so far, including allegations of crosstown carpetbaggery, and a fury of door-knocking and mailers. So who, exactly, will be shut out of the general?

To the polls!

Who won't make it through the primary?

This is where we'd normally say Slog polls are legally binding—but they're not! Only the election is! And you can tune in to Slog tonight for all the parties, all the booze, the tears, the joy, and careful planning for tomorrow's hangovers.