Clint Didier, American Dream
  • Clint Didier, American Dream

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At a crowded press conference at the top of the Terminal Sales Building on 1st Ave and Virginia St with his campaign manager Katherine Serkes and daughter Brandie Didier, Clint Didier conceded the U.S. Senate race, but stopped short of endorsing Dino Rossi, the Republican candidate who will face Patty Murray in the general election for U.S. Senate.

Didier opened with a rambling football anecdote about his toughest coach who brought out the best in him, before finally getting down to business. He had been "riding his tractor and praying" in the past days as he tried to decide how to proceed.

"I want to endorse Dino Rossi. I really do. I want to beat Patty Murray in the worst way. I want to send her home with her pink slip in her hand," Didier told reporters. But he continued by saying he would only endorse Rossi under three very specific conditions. Here's what he said:

At this moment, I cannot endorse Dino Rossi. But, that can change in a heartbeat. It could change at the end of the day. Rossi and I have differences, but if we get some assurances from him about a few things, things that shouldn't be too much of a reach for him—there are things that really reflect the party platform—this could unite the party, bringing everyone together: one force, in one direction. Then I can and will change that endorsement to a yes and a 100 percent behind Rossi.

Here are three things that the people tell me are most important for us to beat Patty Murray. First, show we are united on pro-life issues. We ask Rossi to promise to introduce in the Senate the same bill that Dr. Ron Paul introduced in the House: the Sanctity of Life Act. This simple bill restores the authority of elected officials to pass laws barring abortion without interference from the federal judicial courts. Second, we need to show how much difference there is between us and Patty Murray on taxes. We ask Rossi to sign the pledge that I signed, different from Grover's tax pledge. This tax pledge is very sinful [then correcting himself], simple and straightforward. I will not vote for any new taxes or increases in existing taxes.

Didier forgot to mention the third condition until later in the conference: "We ask Rossi to pledge not to vote for any bills that would increase federal government spending."

Didier's other big announcement was his new political advocacy group, "Take Back Washington," which will "keep the momentum going." Didier would not elaborate, instead asking everyone to "keep checking back. Please keep checking back on our website and Facebook pages for more information coming in the next few weeks."

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Asked whether he will tell his supporters to write him in if Rossi does not meet his demands, Didier said, "No, because I cannot be wrote in. That's against our regulations. I have been voted off the ballot."

When asked which was more important, his three conditions or getting Patty Murray out, Didier replied simply "Patty Murray out. That's what I'm trying to do here," adding that there is no deadline for Rossi to respond to his demands. He finished with a word to Rossi: "Lead and the people will follow. Lead and I will follow."