Ninth Time's a Charm: A man was found dead yesterday morning at a South Lake Union construction site on the 1000 block of Valley St. It is Seattle's ninth homicide this year and the second in August.

Predictable: The Iowa companies that have had to recall seventy bajillion eggs over the past few weeks are apparently all tied to the DeCoster family, whose record is brimming, BP-style, with past infractions ranging from animal cruelty to creating a "sexually hostile work environment."

Dumb: A Spokane party where a 14-year-old girl was stabbed and raped was fueled by vodka supplied by the 15-year-old suspect's mother. The woman says she thought it would be safer to provide them alcohol in her home than to have them get it elsewhere.

Just Do Exactly What We Say: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says Mideast peace will be "difficult but possible." Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has scheduled new a peace talks summit to begin next Friday.

Not Suspicious At All: Eight of the nine members of the Vashon-Maury Island Community Council resigned last week, following a King County prosecutor's office decision that the council must obey the county's public records act. The council members, who are volunteers, said they felt the burden of complying was excessive.

What Privacy? The ACLU has questioned new airport security "enhanced patdowns" the TSA is trying out in Boston and Las Vegas. The ACLU has called them part of a "seemingly constant erosion of privacy."

Danger Zone: A woman was attacked Friday night in The Jungle, a homeless encampment near the I-5 and I-90 interchange. She was taken to Harborview and is expected to recover. There were two homicides in or near The Jungle last year.

Anything You Can Do: Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad unveiled the first Iran-built unmanned bomber plane, naming it the "ambassador of death." Meanwhile, the nation's first nuclear reactor is up and running.

No You Do Not: Rod Blagojevich compares self to Winston Churchill, believes he has a political future.

Pop a Squat: One Kirkland McMansion squatter may have been arrested, but there's another one who is at it again.

Good News: Republican Party is broke as November looms, down to $5 million cash on hand.