Last night, next door to my house:

At approximately 7:40 PM, East Precinct officers responded to a call of an armed robbery to a store in the 2100 Block of East Union Street. Two males entered the store and robbed the clerk at gunpoint. The suspects then fled the store.

This store is run by elderly Korean couple who, as it happens, are the nicest humans on the planet (certainly the nicest people within earshot of 23rd and Union). There was caution tape across the entrance after this happened, and officers were inside reviewing video footage with the couple. They hadn't been hurt. These two people work from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. every single day, putting up with stacks of bullshit, but getting robbed at gunpoint made me think that selling fried chicken and menthol lights should come with combat pay and a light saber. [Okay, writing fried chicken and menthol lights was thoughtless because, well, it sounds racist. Sorry, world. I wasn't trying to sound racist, just was thinking about the products that store—the store I go to every day—sells lots and lots of. Really, I could have written soda and moon pies and the work hazards would have been the same.] (More on their famous fried chicken here.)

Police tracked down one of the suspects about a half-mile north and another suspect reportedly remains at large, under investigation by the SPD's robbery unit. I don't know that we say bravo enough to the Seattle Police. But in case we don't, bravo, Seattle Police. Fuck the assholes who rob adorable elderly Korean couples in their goddamn robbing faces.