I don't think anyone familiar with Seattle politics will be surprised to know that this statement comes from 34th District Dems board member Ivan Weiss, in response to my report on sabotage and division within the organization after its primary endorsement of failed state house candidate Marcee Stone.

"Tiny Tim" refers to Tim Nuse, chair of the 34th District Dems.

It was inevitable that Tiny Tim would blame everybody but himself and his clique for their atrocious political judgment, and for their inability to deliver the vote for their candidate. It's bizarre for him to call Fitzgibbon supporters a "rump" when Joe more than doubled Stone's vote. Obviously we were more in touch with the electorate than they were. If anyone was a "rump," it was the supporters of the candidate who finished dead last, behind the tavern owner even.

When he talks about members "trying to undermine the strength of the organization," is he calling out Representative Sharon Nelson by name? Sharon is a PCO. She has been Joe's biggest supporter, and she wasn't about to carry Marcee Stone's lit. Nuse needs to put down the crack pipe if he thinks he has the authority to tell anyone who to support. He's not the organization. He's just the chair for the next four months, and he just shot whatever credibility he had all to hell. If anyone has undermined the organization, it's Tiny Tim himself.

Sharon and I live on Vashon/Maury Island, where our community is under siege from Cal/Portland (formerly Glacier Northwest) and their Sound-killing, land-raping gravel mine. Plus we are in a constant struggle to maintain ferry funding and service. No clique of well-meaning amateurs, even if it forms a 60 percent majority at any one meeting, will keep us from seeking the best qualified, most well-versed candidate to represent us in Olympia. The stakes are simply too high for us to worry about some petty party official's bruised feelings.

They tried to foist a candidate on us who was NOT VIABLE. She's a good person and a good Democrat, but platforms and resolutions is about her level. On the issues, she was way over her head. She sought union support, then told the unions she wouldn't be taking their money. She ran up a huge debt that it will take her years to pay off, failed to expand her base of support, and could not possibly have survived in a general election even if she had gotten through the primary. In other words, she brought a knife to a gunfight, and naively expected the voters to reward her for it. Just because Nuse and his clique were dumb enough to support such a candidate doesn't mean the rest of us have to be.

District organizations' endorsements mean something when they reflect political reality. In this case, we should have dual-or triple-endorsed. Then nobody would have given a shit. But they insisted on a single endorsement, we tried and failed to dissuade them, and now those who forced the Stone endorsement can live with the consequences of their political incompetence. My candidate prevailed, and I'm damned proud of my part in that.