No One Could've Predicted


fer fuck's sake.
i'm so confused now. what does it mean to be American? was that an American thing to do (American's are racists and hate freedom of religion) or an unAmerican thing to do (Americans abhor racism and infringement on basic rights?)
Murkins are irrationally scared of brown people. Sad.
the slasher isn't who you are imagining....
Thanks, Fox, for whipping up all this anti-Muslim New York sentiment.
Demagogues like Fox News, Sarah Palin and Newt Gingrich are all to blame.

May they rot in Hell!

"Michael Enright, 21, of upstate New York, was charged with felony attempted murder as a hate crime - among other crimes - after the sick attack on Ahmed Sharif, 43, Tuesday night.

Enright was a volunteer for Intersections International, a Manhattan-based group that promotes peace among different religions."
I do think that the way FOX is painting muslims is despicable, but let's take a step back and make the reasonable presumption that the attacker was insane and likely would have been stirred up by something else if not by Islamaphobia. I am not trying to excuse the religious intolerance out there--merely to ground opposition to it in more solid ground as opposed to the unpredictable actions of a lone crazy person.
What an asshole. Too big a dipshit to see past his own racism, yet too big a pussy to join the army and fight Muslims that actually have guns rather than American cab drivers with their backs turned.
Um, guys, you're missing the point. When an AMERICAN stabs a MUSLIM, that's not "felony attempted murder" or "hate crime".


The perp HAS to be crazy. Who the hell would cut up the driver of the car they're in?
I had a comment, but #5 summed it up pretty well.

Here's wishing Mr. Sharif a speedy recovery.
But could anyone have predicted the stabber had ties to a PRO-Muslim/PRO-Cordoba House group?…
The suspect recently spent time as a film maker in Afghanistan. I'm not sure this is an example of a traditional hate crime or more a PTSD kind of thing.…
Jon Stewart came up w/ the ultimate question for people like this: Are they stupid or evil?

My take is evil. He obviously knew what he was doing, planned it out, etc.