Trying to counter this, Republican Dino Rossi said in a just-released statement:

Our nation made a promise to provide for our veterans in return for their service to protect our country, and that promise must be kept. There’s no disagreement there.

Senator Murray’s latest false attack is an attempt to paper over an important fact about her record: The main threat to our Veterans programs right now is the enormous amount of spending and debt that Patty Murray has voted for: the massive bailouts, the failed stimulus bill, the earmarks and other wasteful spending which is jeopardizing Congress’s ability to provide our Veterans the benefits they've earned.

In addition, when servicemen and women leave active duty, they need to know they can find a job. They need to know that their kids and grandkids won’t be burdened by this massive debt. They need to know that the values they fought for will be preserved. Senator Murray has put this in jeopardy as well.

As a U.S. Senator, I will make sure that America keeps its commitment of our Veterans, and I will end this overspending to preserve the country they sacrificed so much to protect. Finally, I will not play politics with the concerns and needs of the great men and women who defend our freedom.

UPDATE: The response, from Patty Murray spokesperson Julie Edwards:

Patty Murray has a long record of fighting for veterans. Dino Rossi has no such record.