Did you see the video Kelly O posted yesterday afternoon? The one where a old middle-aged woman (who looks at least 65) walked calmly up to a kitty named Lola, gave her a few friendly pets, then picked Lola up by the scruff of her neck and dropped her in a garbage bin and closed the lid?

Well, they have identified the (terrible) woman. Her name is Mary Bale and she's asking for the public's forgiveness, saying her actions were "completely out of character." She's currently under police protection because a whole bunch of cat-lovers have been sending her death threats ever since her name first hit the internet in connection with the incident.

Though she admits she made a mistake, she's surprised the story is such a big deal, saying: "'I don't know what the fuss is about. It's just a cat."

As for Lola, she is safe and sound. She was in the bin for 15 hours, but her owners found her the next morning, unharmed.