Tickets On Sale Now for the Stranger Genius Awards Party


I do love the illustration so much! Is the horse butt supposed to refer to Zoo, though? If so wouldn't it be more accurate to have a bent-over Boeing engineer depicted? That would not make a nice poster, though. Never mind.
These awards reminded me that in modern slang (especially in England, I think) the word "genius" is often used as a synonym for "cool" or "wonderful." Not that there's anything wrong with that, but we soon may need another word for "genius."
i thought the genius awards were free? feeling the economy crunch over in the stranger offices too or what?
The wording following the jump:

"The Stranger 2010 Genius Awards ($8.00)
How many of those would you like? Quantity:__"

I would like a Stranger Genius Award.
If only I had known they were only $8,
I would have bought them all.
I didn't know Marya was actually Hilary Clinton!