Hey Sailor, buy me a drink?
  • Hey Sailor, buy me a drink?
The Washington Bus is throwing Joe Fitzgibbon a party from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. tonight at the West 5 in West Seattle. The party is to celebrate his recent primary victory, in part. It's also to celebrate his 24th Birthday! EEEEEEEE!!!! You thought he was at least 27! Don't you feel like a creeper for hanging his photo above your bathroom mirror to stare at while you shower? EEEEEE!!!!

Relax, you're not a creeper. And the room is so foggy he probably can't see a thing. Go get a drink, toast his successes, and wish him a happy birthday.*

*I was going to buy him a cut-rate "mandate" but I think I blew my chance.